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I have muscled up for a semester I had waited for almost all my life. I forced myself to man up, build connivance, look straight forward, forget regrets, heal wounds and be excited in slaying dragons. But what if, everything you prepared and hoped for be in vain? What if the battle field you chose wasn’t meant for you? What if instead of owning the game, the game owned you? Be spontaneous, that’s the answer. Be like the Bang Bros — let’s review them for you to get some acquaintance.

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Life is a game plan. You choose weapons, people, opportunities and the best fighting facade to get the goal. For the Bang Brothers, all they need are their presence and their bus. With that alone, they’re great to go. You’ll think that it takes a lot to pick up chicks, but it’s not.

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You just have to have that conviction of a true man. You don’t even have to be some neat ass gent; you can be someone who goes strong like bad boy. Girls dig that, so do women. You’re gonna see all of that happen with the premise of these super promising brothers altogether in their new and leveled up game.

Nothing miraculous can be truer than what the Bangbros have got to offer. With over 10  years of experience in the art of picking up chicks, you’ll be baffled with the 7,000 plus videos they’ve got going for you. These are essentials and approximately 40 minutes per piece. Everything that happens here is hardcore, so don’t ever expect less from this magnanimously creative, funny, and witty gang of men in motion to pick up girls.

On the other hand life is a different set of a game, you’ll never know what to expect. No matter how good your weapons are, when they’re not the right kind for a specific monster or at the given time, you’re dead. Life is more brutally brutal, it doesn’t give you the chance of a “replay” instead it gives you more monsters to deal with.

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With the Bang Bros, they let you know that those monsters are the girls, which means you say you always have to be up for the hunt.